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Management of Massey Energy Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The executives of Massey Energy Company - Case Study Example From this paper obviously Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) guaranteed that the organization had abused security gauges in excess of multiple times. This demonstrates the 29 specialists kicked the bucket on account of helpless wellbeing norms in the mine. Rather than improving the nature of the mine’s wellbeing, the organization was continually testing the allegations of the security office. Another factor that demonstrates the organization ought to be considered capable is the deceptive demonstrations of Don Blankenship. Subsequent to accepting grievances about the security conditions in the organization, the CEO overlooked the grumblings and rather sent a reminder to the supervisory group, requesting that they center around the firm’s creation as opposed to improving the wellbeing principles. It was an ethical obligation regarding Don to educate the supervisory crew to move their concentration from the benefit of the organization to security. Such move woul d have kept the mishap from happening. Convincingly, the mining firm is ethically liable for the passings of its workers. On the off chance that the organization had executed security quantifies as required by MSHA, the mishap would not have taken place.â

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9 11 Essay :: September 11, 2001 Essay

On September 11, 2001 fear based oppressors smashed two American carrier planes into Twin Towers, slaughtering a huge number of individuals. It was the most exceedingly awful fear monger assault in American history and it gave us that we are not secured by Atlantic and Pacific. It gave us that we could be assaulted by anybody at whenever. It gave us that on the off chance that we will be assaulted again that we can just rely upon one another and not on different countries to support us. The 9/11 changed individuals perpetually, some lost relatives or companions, others lost their positions even alleged â€Å"American Dream.†      The September eleventh assaults made us joined as one incredible individual who can stand up from the remains of thousands pounds of metal and battle with the goal that we wont must be in ruins once more. In the ongoing recordings Osama canister Laden and his associates are discussing the intensity of Islam and the assaults on Twin Towers. It appears Osama canister Laden and different radicals are prepared for â€Å"Jihad† and they are prepared to win. They state that Allah is their ally and individuals around the globe need to become familiar with Islam since the September eleventh assaults. A genuine model was John Walker, an American who was with Taliban armed force man when he was caught. He was contemplating Muslim conventions in Pakistan where he joined Taliban. A few days ago I was viewing â€Å"Dennis Miller Live† where I heard Dennis Miller talk about John Walker, he said that his folks should give him all the more then simply hitting. This gave me that even today very nearly five months of 9/11 individuals despite everything talk about it.      Our military crusades in Afghanistan dispensed with a system that bolstered psychological oppression and other fierce gatherings. Today in Afghanistan there is no system and the nation is remaking it self from the remains of Soviet war. John Ashcroft who is currently the acclaimed man on TV is most likely the one in particular who pays attention to the issue. He said that he needs to check for individuals who have associations with the Alquida and its cells. However, a few people say it’s illegal to do that, yet in 1700’s or even 1800’s psychological militants didn't assault America. That implies that our discovering fathers didn't needed to manage Ottoman Empire nor their assaults since we were ensured by seas. Indeed, even in the days of yore constitution was not a factor for certain individuals to accomplish something shameless or illicit.

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Organizational Strategies for Quality Assessment and Improvement Essay Example for Free

Hierarchical Strategies for Quality Assessment and Improvement Essay Questionable clinical documentations are one of the most widely recognized and preventable reasons for medicine blunders (Grissinger Kelly, 2005). Medication names, measurement units, and bearings for use ought to be composed obviously to limit disarray. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) and the Food and Drug Administration suggest that mistake inclined shortenings are considered at whatever point clinical data is conveyed (Institute for Medical Safety, 2012). Medicine blunders bring about thousand of unfavorable medication occasions, passings, and preventable responses consistently (Grissinger Kelly, 2005). Human services faculty, IMSP, the pharmaceutical business, and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are a portion of the gatherings answerable for deciding how these medicine mistakes happen and structuring methodologies to lessen these blunders (Institute for Medical Safety, 2012). ISMP is a charitable association comprised of attendants, drug specialist, and doctors. IMSP was established in 1944 and are committed in instructing and expanding familiarity with drug blunder counteraction and security measures (About ISMP, 2012). They base their non-corrective activities on five key zones: investigation, correspondence, participation, training, and information (About ISMP, 2012). The IMSP get their information by human services experts announcing with the goal that they can help with learning and understanding the reasons for the mistake and everything is classified (About ISMP, 2012) IMSP Objectives The goal of the ISMP is to help the medicinal services suppliers explain any request that isn't plainly clear or evident particularly with blunder inclined shortened forms, portion assignments, and ensuring that orders with shortenings are explained and worked out totally, and verbal requests are perused back, rehashed whenever misconstrued, and illuminated (About ISMP, 2012). Additionally to hold online course instructive projects and drug security issues. They offer toolboxs for medicinal services offices to get the word out like banners, recordings, understanding pamphlets, books, and other medication security apparatuses. IMSP will lead hazard appraisals on location danger of prescription wellbeing in medicinal services offices and react to sentinel occasions (About ISMP, 2012). IMSP Propose Strategies or Recommendations Suggest for the Acute Care Setting Here are a few methodologies that medicinal services offices can utilize toâ help take out the utilization of risky shortened forms. One is urging all human services experts to abstain from utilizing drug mistake inclined truncations in all electronic and composed correspondence (National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), 2010). Another is distinguishing and advancing Physician Champions who won't just help accreditation-related exercises yet additionally advocate for full consistence. Social insurance offices can help with giving instructive workshops and online courses to refresh all human services experts and staff toward the start of their business period. Another route is for social insurance the executives and wellbeing work force to utilize publicized banners, make overlaid cards with blunder inclined medicine shortened forms, and measurement arrangements all through the intense consideration office. The human services experts ought to have these things available to them and disseminated out toward the start of work (National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), 2010). In conclusion, ensuring that the medicinal services staff stays away from the utilization of prescription shortened forms on CPOEs, marks created from the framework and canisters, sedate capacity, and racks. At the same time ensuring that the office and work force are sticking to rules, outlines, and conventions (National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), 2010). Reference â€Å"About ISMP.† (2012). Organization for Safe Medication Practices. Recovered from Grissinger, M., Kelly, K. (2005). Diminishing the danger of prescription blunders in ladies. Diary Of Womens Health (15409996), 14(1), 61-67. doi:10.1089/jwh.2005.14.61 Institute for Medical Safety. (2012). Intense Care. Clinical Safety Alert!†. Recovered from National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA). (2010) Rapid reaction report NPSA/2010/RRR009: diminishing mischief from overlooked and deferred drugs in medical clinic. Recovered from

Promotion of Education in Africa Essay -- basic education, literacy, so

Subject 1: Promotion of Education in Africa The issue of essential training on the planet, particularly in Africa has been at the center of attention, standing by fretfully to be fathomed. The UN, with its Millennium Development Goals, has refered to training as one of its top needs to be accomplished by 2015. The African Union, with its Second Decade of Education, has underlined the requirement for essential instruction in Africa to guarantee sexual orientation correspondence and the upgrade of African social qualities. Tragically, in numerous African countries, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa, grown-up proficiency rates are well beneath half, and numerous young do not have the most essential and basic instructive chances. The designation of South Africa perceives this earnest need of advancement of training in Africa. Foundation As a lucky country, South Africa has a stable instructive framework and a sound â€Å"baseline† for rudimentary training. In South Africa, the normal grown-up education rate is a decent 93 percent, when contrasted with the worldwide normal of 84 percent (2010) and the stunning 62 percent of Africa. To proceed, most youth has finished evaluation 9, which closes their general training and closures their obligatory tutoring. Furthermore, to inhale a moan of help, there is little sexual orientation dissimilarity in the South African training framework. Be that as it may, there are in every case a few gaps. In spite of the strong proficiency rate-this is characterized as an individual 15 years or more established and can compose a short articulation about their life-South Africa needs solid optional and tertiary instruction. As expressed from an examination directed by the OCED (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development), â€Å"some seventy five percent of South African grown-ups have finished at any rate grade 6, half has finished evaluation 9, and just shy of one-thir... ...amic Militant Organizations in Africa Africa's Militant Islamist Groups. BBC News. BBC, 5 Dec. 2013. Web. 18 Apr. 2014. . Nkala, Oscar. Little Terror Threat in South Africa †Report. Home. Resistance Web, 5 June 2013. Web. 18 Apr. 2014. . South Africa: Consolidated Acts. Protection of Constitutional Democracy against Terrorist and Related Activities Act 2004. South African Legal Information Institute, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2014. . The War on Terrorism in Africa. N.p.: Westview Press, n.d. PDF. organization/Lyman_chapter_Terrorism.pdf

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Marketing assignment Essay

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is exceptionally celebrated tire maker in North America now, which included race vehicles tires, truck tires, snow tires, overwhelming earth-mover tires and car tires. It was built up in Akron, Ohio, in 1898 by Frank Seiberling, which had just thirteen workers. Besides, David Hill who is the primary leader of the organization since he bought the supply of this organization. Seiberling obtained 3,500 dollars from his brother by marriage to buy the company’s first production line, which is a deserted industrial facility in Akron. Thusly, Seiberling need to be a decent pioneer to deal with this manufacturing plant. In view of The History of Goodyear Tires (n.d), â€Å"Seiberling then established the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, naming his undertaking after Charles Goodyear, who had found how to vulcanize elastic to make it harder, increasingly tough and impervious to chemicals† (para.2). The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company initially started to deliver bike and carriage tires. As indicated by The History of Goodyear Tires (n.d), â€Å"In the main month, Goodyear Tires did somewhat over $8,000 in business. The organization thought of its well known winged-foot logo in the early piece of the twentieth century† (para.1). Besides, Goodyear Company started to create car tires. At that point the Goodyear Company manufacture new production line, which is greater than the first. Forthemore, they started to drove more individuals know them. In light of The History of Goodyear Company (n.d), â€Å"By 1901, Goodyear had started to utilize its now-popular winged-foot logo in advertisements† (para.3). By the 10 years after the fact, the Goodyear Company gazed make tires for planes, and afterward as that time Goodyear Company started work for flying. In 1916, Goodyear Company bought a plant industrial facility for produce dirigible airplane. During the World of War O ne, Goodyear Company got the request structure from the United Statesâ to manufactured nine dirigible airplane. In spite of the fact that, the Goodyear Company was not finish the entirety of the airship airplanes in the 1917,the region for building blimp airplane was hand down and help Goodyear during World of War Two. Something else, Goodyear Company additionally delivered carriers. As per Goodyear Zeppelin Company, â€Å"Goodyear additionally made two carriers, the Akron and the Macon, for the United States military during the mid 1930s. During World War II, the organization fabricated 104 carriers for the military at its Akron facility† (para.2). As of not long ago, the Goodyear Company despite everything produces the dirigible airplane for promoting activities. It is sign for Goodyear Company all-round creating on the planet, as of now the Goodyear Company isn't just a tire and elastic organization, yet in addition become a financier for elastic assembling. Subsequently, Goodyear Company turns into the third biggest tires maker on the planet now. In that organization, they are effective for a long time that are about the item and spot and cost. For instance, you can see the administration in wherever even in Halifax. That is the reason Place is significant factor to expand piece of the pie and deals amount. One great spot can help us deal more things. During the arrive at I saw that individuals purchase the item through the almost the spot. Anyway the item is exceptionally well known far and wide that is the organization power. The great item will get bunches of client. You can see the tires in the vehicle. They are make loads of promotion around the all TV appears. That why they sell the item like hot cake. In any case, they are administration is progressively similar to the out of mouths. From the notice, we can clear realize that that the organization objective is the deal the tires the world over. For a long memorable story from this organization the band is the best well known promotions. Individuals put stock in them, that their tires can extremely fruitful to deal very thing. Reference The History of Goodyear Tires, Lindell John, Goodyear Zeppelin Company,

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How To Process Feelings Without Slipping Into Rumination

How To Process Feelings Without Slipping Into Rumination Stress Management Management Techniques Print Move From Rumination to Healthy Emotional Processing Let Go of Negative Feelings and Grasp New Solutions By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Updated on August 14, 2019 How Stress Impacts Your Health Overview Signs of Burnout Stress and Weight Gain Benefits of Exercise Stress Reduction Tips Self-Care Practices Mindful Living Its important to know how to think through stressful situations while avoiding rumination. Eric Raptosh Photography/Blend Images/Getty Images Have you ever found yourself obsessing over something negative thats happened to you, and getting more and more upset, but feeling unable to let it go? If so, youve experienced rumination, and youre not aloneâ€"this is a very common pattern of thinking. Its also a very stressful thought pattern, though. In fact, when people ruminate about negative things that have happened in their lives, they tend to feel stressed about them when they may not have otherwise felt consciously stressed. Rumination can be difficult to resist, however, especially when it becomes an unconscious habit; what may start out as an attempt to process negative emotions or find a solution to a problem can quickly devolve into a negative loop of obsessive, negative thinking. Its difficult to find a solution to a problem or process emotions surrounding it without ever thinking about the problem, though, so its tricky to find a balance between ignoring problems and ruminating about them. What is the trick to being able to think about a problem without letting it consume you and your good mood? The following guidelines can help you to examine your life and problems without feeling owned by themâ€"to process emotions without falling into the rumination trap. Journaling With a Happy Ending Many studies have confirmed that journaling is an effective strategy for managing stress and processing emotions. However, a journal can be used for rumination just as easily as another person can be used for this purposeâ€" more easily, in many cases, because there is nobody telling the ruminating person that this is a bad idea to focus on lifes frustrations indefinitely. How can a journal be used? One way is to go over negative events, fully exploring emotions, but being sure to end on a positive note: discuss what you learned from the situation, what you gained in terms of personal growth, and what you hope for in the future. Journaling Without Heroes or Villains Talk about past events and look at why certain things happened, but work on forgiving those responsible rather than hating them; forgive yourself, too, without ignoring the role you played (so you can learn) Take responsibility for what you may have seen coming, and Write about what you wish happened, but also write about the negative things that could have happened if you’d gotten what you wanted. Write about times in the past where you’ve got what you wanted, but it’s turned out differently than you’d expected, and times when you didn’t get what you wanted but got something better. Try Gratitude Journaling Start a gratitude journalâ€"it helps to be reminded of the good things in life, and there are ALWAYS good things that can be remembered and appreciated. Doing so can help your health and happiness levels. Start a meditation practice. This allows you to distance yourself from your problems, re-examine how you are handling your problems (are you engaging in self-sabotage or cognitive distortions?) and reach for better-feeling thoughts. Give Yourself a Break Distract yourself with something fun that can lift your mood. It may seem like sticking a band-aid on a broken arm, but finding some distance between yourself and your stressors, and then filling this space with activities you already know will make you feel better has been shown to create greater levels of happiness and lower levels of stress. Take advantage of it!

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The Trail of Tears Essay

The Trail of Tears Essay The Trail of Tears refers to the forceful relocation and eventual movement of the Native American communities from the South Eastern regions of the U.S. as a result of the enactment of the Indian Removal Act in the year 1830. In the year 1838, in line with Andrew Jacksons policy of the Indians’ removal, the Cherokee community was forced to surrender its land to the east of Mississippi River and migrate to the present day Oklahoma. This journey was referred to as the â€Å"Trail of Tears† mainly due to its devastating effects it had to the Indian people. The migrants faced extreme hunger, diseases and exhaustion due to the forced march while more than 50,000 people died (Cave, 2003). The Trail of Tears resulted in a devastating effect for the Indians such as extreme hunger, diseases and exhaustion due to long walk and massive injustices and abuse of fundamental human rights. According to Perdue (2008), the Trail of Tears is regarded as one of the tragic eras in the U.S. history mainly due to the forceful relocation of the Indians. This is also considered as the beginning of the Indian extermination by the U.S. government even though they had lived in the country several centuries before the white settlers set their foot in America. After the American Revolution and the eventual creation of the U.S., the Indians were regarded as a separate nation within a sovereign country even though they were fully committed to a peaceful coexistence with the white settlers. However, the white settlers were mostly interested in the resources of rich and productive land under the occupation of the Indians. As a result, the U.S. government embarked on a long campaign marked by false promises, broken and false treaties, and threats of military force and racist attitudes to oust the Indians from their native territory. The U.S. government committed a heinous incident in its long history when it passed the Removal Act in the year 1830, which later resulted in the Trail of Tears. The Indians were moved to the west in an exodus that would ensure the new American settlers continued growing and prospering in their new country. The most famous of those forced from their native land by the U.S. government included Five Civilized Tribes comprising of the Choctaw, Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw and Creek (Cave, 2003). These tribes constituted the majority of more than 60,000 Indians driven out of their land and they were distinguished from other Indian populations due to their leadership forms and organization. They had functional social systems based on property ownership, government offices and established schools much like in Europe (Perdue, 2008). However, the U.S. government could not recognize them to be civilized enough to be their neighbors necessitating their forceful relocation. The Trail of Tears created a period of immeasurable misery and despair among the Indians who were being relocated against their wishes. In order to relocate the Indian tribes swiftly and effectively, the Indians tribes were prearranged into wretched and miserable traveling caravans. During the trail, the Indians passed through horrible living conditions that were unbearable, for instance, the Indians slept in the mud, lacked shelter and enough food. On the other hand, they were usually forced to march in chains or manacles. In most cases, if the poor living conditions did not kill them, severe disease outbreaks killed most of the Indians. They were plagued with diseases such as dysentery, pneumonia, whooping cough, pellagra and tuberculosis, which usually wiped out entire families (Cave, 2003). Consequently, the Trail of Tears resulted in massive deaths among the Indians apart from damaging the Indian American spirit and self respect. The 1830 Indian Removal act gave President Jackson the power to relocate the Indians under their consent while the act required that they be compensated for the relocation. However, this is not the manner in which the policy was implemented as the government engaged in false treaties with the Indians, broken promises and perpetrated lies while dealing with the Indians (Cave, 2003). The Choctaw Indians in 1831 were the first who were relocated and they became a perfect model for the successful relocations. The Seminole followed the Choctaw in 1832, then the Creek in the year 1834, the Chickasaw Indians in the year 1837, and lastly the Cherokee Indians in 1838. As a result, by 1837, it is estimated that more than 46,000 Native Indians from these southern states had forcefully been relocated from their homelands thus opening about 25 million acres for mainly white settlement (Perdue, 2008). In conclusion, the Trail of Tears is a perfect expression of the U.S. government’s act of inhumanity towards the Indians. The new white settlers in the U.S. had escaped the oppression in Europe and they were obsessed with their new freedoms in America that they easily trampled on the freedom and rights of the Indians. The Trail of Tears resulted in a devastating effect for the Indians who were forced to walk over 1,000 miles to Oklahoma in a trip where they walked without shoes or enough clothing (Perdue, 2008). The food provision was scarce, they suffered from severe diseases and a large number of the Indians died from the harsh conditions and diseases. The U.S. must never forget these shameful and sad moments in its long history with the hope that the country learns from the past, in order to prevent the occurrence of other atrocities similar to the Trail of Tears. Visit our custom essay service to have your essay paper written by professional writers. 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